Field visibility: Impacts the Bottom-Line in Construction Projects 2 years ago

One of the most important roles of construction project management is field visibility. Field visibility has become more than managing the day-to-day activities on the job site. Of course, tracking materials, scheduling contractors and equipment, enforcing safety, and getting the job done each day are crucial. However, with the introduction of new technologies, field management and visibility, in the traditional sense has shifted dramatically over the past 20 years.

Carrying around blueprints and punching time cards are a thing of the past and for good reason. Technology has played an important role to increase the efficiencies of construction project management and to ultimately create value within companies who make the technological transition.

Many general contractors have shifted from paper to screens. This switch has lead to a higher level of visibility and with less time-consuming paperwork to complete at the end of the day. Technologies have helped automate some of the day-to-day activities leaving managers with more time to focus on more productive and valuable activities.

New technologies also enable the construction industry to achieve efficiencies that were impossible just a few years ago. With mobile connectivity and apps, workers and managers alike work in harmony. This streamlined connection with individuals on the field and in the office, leads to less miscommunications and mistakes.

With the introduction of digital tracking of projects, managers are better equipped to make decisions regarding labor, equipment and to understand the factors which lead to higher outputs.  Costs more easily tracked, so that managers can follow budgets and deadlines through a strategic decision-making process.

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